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    Camera for Kids!
    Cobra DC150 digital camera review
    Inexpensive and simple camera for young children. Available around $20 or less. Comes with driver and software for Windows, Mac driver available online.
    The camera (in different colors):
    {CBDC150BL.jpg} {CBDC150RD.jpg}
    Output Resolution: 352x288 Pixels (Hi) or 176x144 Pixels (Low)
    Image Sensor: 100K Pixel CMOS Sensor
    Internal Memory: 2MB (SDRAM)
    Image Storage: 19 to 76 Pictures depending on resolution chosen
    Shutter Speed: 1/6-1/15000 second
    Viewfinder: Optical
    Menu Screen: LCD on back of Camera
    Auto Functions: Shutdown/Exposure/White Balance
    3 in 1 Mode: Digital Camera/PC Camera/Camcorder
    Camcorder: 10 Second Video Clip
    PC Camera: 15 Frames/Second
    Interface: USB ver 1.1
    Power Source: AAA 1.5V X 2 (not included)
    File Format: JPEG AVI
    System Requirements: Win 98SE/2000/ME/XP
    Sample photos:
    {IMAG02223.jpg} {Photo008.jpg}
    original downloaded size 640X480 pixels
    The photos are surprisingly good for such a small, simple camera. The output resolution at 'HI' is listed at 352X288, but they are up-sized to 640X480 when the images are downloaded. There is some blurring around the edges, and the camera's capability to accomodate shadows or bright areas is poor. While I certainly wouldn't want this 'tunnel' blurring in my good camera, I don't mind it here, in fact it is pleasantly old-fashioned looking.
    Operation: The 'beep' that tells you that the shutter tripped is hard to hear, thus it is hard to tell if you got a picture. There were some 'mystery' shots in my photos that were because of easily tripping the shutter accidentally. Might be difficult for children in this regard.
    I think this would be a wonderful camera for school use with young children with some basic training. It is a great way to introduce them to photography (and observing their world) with a 'real' camera. You can come back to the computer lab and download the photos and share them, maybe having a slide show, or by printing, an art show.
    NOTE: I haven't "kid-tested" this camera; I'll upload the results when I do. I might venture a guess that maybe 1st through 4th graders would be a good range. This kid (me) sure got a kick out of it!
    Software/Driver for Macs is available for download at:
    I got my camera at: But you can google in 'Cobra DC150' for other sources.
    Manufacturer website:

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